Ajna Vitamin

Ajna Vitamin

Gedacu, Tavi
Gen: Quantum Psy / Progressive / Chillout / Dub / Dubtechno
Locatie: Bucuresti, RO
An inceput: 2009
Casa de discuri: Jellyfish Frequency Recordings






Ajna Vitamin is the solo psychedelic trance project of Octavian. Started experimenting with sounds in 2007 making downtempo, trip hop, roots dub, dubstep beats with the first project called "Gedacu" (Geto-Dacul) and mixing all kind of genres Gedacu released only 3 tunes independently, 2 of them were broadcasted on a radio show from Radio Guerrila hosted by Matze. He performed on most of the underground Romanian events all across Bucharest.

Gedacu was shut down in 2010 after a complete rebirth in counsciousness, a new electronic and experimental trance project materialised under the name of Ajna Vitamin.

After a long trip of studying universal knowledge such as sacred geometry, sacred frequencyes, Binaural tones and trance music Ajna Vitamin has searched for new ways to explore the light within the dark psychedelic music. Since 2010 Ajna Vitamin performed at local festivals such as Waha Festival, Totacum Festival and Transylvania Calling and most of the indoor/outdoor events from all over Romania.

Jellyfish Frequency Recordings from USA has started the international colaboration with Ajna Vitamin in the beggining of 2011 with the a VA compilation for David Cindervomit.

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Telefon: 0728049948